It's a charming place full of rich history, culture, cuisine, couture and people! Let us make this trip abroad as easy as possible for you!

We offer highly personalized and customized travel planning and best of all-a guide or escort fluent in both English and French to accompany you on your trip!

It is MUCH easier to navigate with someone who can speak the language, is familiar with French culture and customs and who traveled extensively throughout France.

Imagine a "girlfriends go shopping" getaway, or an educational week abroad for your children! The trip will be CUSTOM planned and paced specifically for YOU!

We can be ENORMOUS help to the professional antique dealer who needs help getting around the country for their annual buying trips!

Take advantage of our passion for and knowledge of this magnificent part of Europe. If you've always wanted to go, but didn't want to go "on your own," we can help!

We travel back and forth often. For those who can't make the trip we can bring back a little piece of France. We'll shop for you...following your specific instructions.

Or, shop with us online!  We have an ever-changing inventory of small antiques and a niche of the most darling baby and toddler clothing! All offered at very reasonable prices! All hand carried back for you!

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Spring Break in Paris

Late June
Hermes Sale
in Paris

Early December
Holiday Shopping

Late January
Hermes Sale
in Paris


This is an excellent opportunity to put together incentive trips or an "entertainment" package for spouses or guests of your business associates who will be in Paris for a meeting. Let us help them spend the day while you and your colleagues are hard at work.
France awaits you!